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About The Founder



I, Gemma Kibunja is an entrepreneur based in Washington, D.C. Over the past twenty years, my family  and I successfully operated and managed the Kilimanjaro Restaurant and Night Club in the heart of Washington, DC Adams Morgan — a family‐owned business that has provided me with extensive experience in the entertainment industry.

This pioneering hot spot offers a relaxing and inviting ambiance for the melting pot of many cultures, races, and social classes in the D.C. area. By building quality relationships with our loyal patrons over the decades, I have had the privilege to make new business connections not only in the District, but throughout the United  States and in the Caribbean Islands and Africa for  new business ventures that I am excited to share with you!


Gem’s Carnival Life is also in association with Gemstone Love Non-Profit, an organization that gives back to the Caribbean community of women and children. We provide athletic coaching for children’s sports, as well as one-on-one tutoring for their academic subjects, so that they may have an equal opportunity to excel with their peers who are significantly socioeconomically at a higher advantage. Being a mother of four amazing, bright, sports-driven children, I was inspired to create a foundation that can give back to the Caribbean community because it was challenging and saddening to observe the tremendous struggle for students who excelled in their athletic teams to simultaneously also be able to excel the same in their academic studies, which in many cases left them to miss out on higher education acceptances, mostly due to their academic grades. Although many of these kids attend private schools, most of the schools do not emphasize focus on the SSAT or HSPT prep courses before applying to middle and high schools.

There is an obvious gap between the privileged and underprivileged students who play in the same sports, as most athletic institutions with promising, advanced athletic programs require academic testing, and in most cases require higher tuition costs. Gemstone Love was created to build, encourage, and train our valuable boys and girls to have a better opportunity to excel in what they love most, play sports!

Our nonprofit is designed to also benefit women who are single parenting. We will help prepare our community matrons with job search, training as well as career placement, and so much more.

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