My name is Gemma Kibunja Lancaster and I have a True LOVE for my Caribbean and African culture.  My parents owned Kilimanjaro Restaurant and Night Club so I've had my fair share of live African, Reggae, Caribbean music here in DC, New York and Kenya.  My sisters Victoria, Alecia, Michelle and I have celebrated carnival since early 90's starting Brooklyn, NY.  Over the years, I've fell further in love with my culture through live music, limes, parties and carnival's.


Gems Carnival Life was created and is all about the lifestyle of carnival, the artist, the Dj's and the people who follow them.  The carnivalist who parade from Island to Island and STATE TO STATE supporting the music, the freedom and fun.  Calypso, Soca and Reggae have become a multi-million dollar industry that crosses genres where Hip Hop and Go-Go artist also share the love for the culture.


But not everyone is a fan of the lifestyle. Some men and women don't enjoy their spouses and significant others "ON DE ROAD"! WHAT'S IN TRINIDAD...? OR BARBADOS OR JAMAICA CARNIVAL...?  This is how Gems Carnival Life came to life.  What the Good, the Sexy and the Bad is all about when it comes to Carnival! THE HYPE....THE SEXY ..... THE INDIFFERENT ... The life of the Carnivalist!


What do you think,  tell me your story, the good, the sexy and the ugly at GemsCarnivalLife@gmail.com and don't forget to send in your photos and videos to our Carnival Cam !