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 About Gem's Carnival Life

What We Are All About

A Place for HBCU

Every year, hundreds of thousands of attendees participate in Carnival, whether they choose to partake in the festivities of Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Barbados, Jamaica. Each Island hosts its very own version of Carnival and no two are the same. Carnival is a worldwide phenomenon, circling South America, Canada, Japan, the U.S., and the Caribbean Islands and now Africa. This unforgettable event celebrates the liberation of Island people from slavery and honors freedom of choice. The word “Carnival” is derived from combining two Latin terms: carne, meaning flesh, and vale, meaning farewell. Over the years, Carnival has become the spectacle of joy we see today. Bringing together the arts, political commentary, and masquerade fantasy—and our new endeavor, Gem’s Carnival Life, invites you to join the party. Follow us on our journey throughout the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and South America.


Gem’s Carnival Life is a reality show about finding Love in Carnival. This show is a travel show with a eight to twelve episode series of ten HBCU student cast from around the US, who experience the good, the bad and the indifferent finding love in Carnival. Some Carnivals are celebrated in Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Japan, Notting Hill and many more. The students will experience the Carnival lifestyle of food, beautiful beaches, exciting excursions and sexy people who live in these exotic Islands.


In each Island or country the cast will stay in one of a kind Villas, living together between one to two weeks at a time all around the world. They will travel and experience each culture, the love of the music, and the sexiness it brings within relationships and how trust, loyalty and love is pushed to the limit. Whether these students fall in love with each other or find a lover on the Island, we'll see if finding love in Carnival is possible.

A Place For HBCU's

As these ten HBCU students learn about other cultures, tantalizing foods and how love is expressed by a whine (dancing), will sexy personalities and accents persuade these students to just have fun or learn what finding love in Carnival is all about

As the Carnival season starts in season one they travel at the beginning of the year in January to St. Kitts (Sugarmas), then to St. Croix, Martinique and then lastly ending with the big hancho Rio De Janeiro. The second season we head to Carnival de San Pedro, Barranguilla, Aruba and St Maartin. The third season we fly into the most favorite Carnival Islands of them all, Trinidad and Tobago then Port of Spain, and lastly Jamaica.

Our viewers will hang on to their seats as we display exotic, enticing, multi‐island adventures, reminiscent of a dream‐like pre‐Covid‐19 vacation. The cast will mingle, flirt, and whine their way through the various celebrations, enjoying the passion, exotica, and unifying force that only Carnival can provide. Gem’s Carnival Life is expected to premiere on a popular channel in the US and many popular Island network stations. Gem's Carnival Life will grab the attention of millions of viewers from all around the world, persons who are familiar with carnival and persons who are new to the culture. Carnival has become a widespread global phenomenon and you will learn about the culture and hopefully one day you will partake in a Carnival somewhere in the world, you choose. We will satisfy your appetite for romance, pleasure, and pure adulterating fun as they experience the music, the beauty and finding love in Carnival.

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