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Gem's Carnival Life 


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Our Credit Card

Discover the ultimate global carnival experience! Find out about the top-rated carnivals across the world.

We will have a plethora of festivities including parades, parties, blocos, balls, fetes, j'ouvert, and much more - all in one place!

Explore new adventures, destinations, and stay up-to-date with the latest carnival news.

Get Gem's Carnival Credit Card today! Enjoy discounts, rewards and earn points towards hotels, resorts, airfare, car rental, dining, parties, concerts, boat rides and more!


What is GEM's Carnival Life?


Gems Carnival Life was created and is all about the lifestyle of the carnival, the artist, the DJ, and the people who follow them. The carnivals who parade from Island to Island and STATE TO STATE support the music, freedom, and fun.  Because Calypso, Soca, and Reggae have become million-dollar businesses Hip Hop and Go-Go artists also share a love for the culture.


Experience The World

Gem's of the Diapora finds love, culture, and community in Carnival. Our African and Caribbean heritage displays creativity and excellence worldwide. Let's tell the world!

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Stunning Villas For HBCU

These stunning villas around the world will be the home for the HBCU cast. This cast will be faced with outside influences, which could make it hard to fall in love with each other. In each Carnival, they engage in many fetes and daily adventures, which could cause a bit of an entanglement. Can you really find love in Carnival or is it too enticing that love is a fantasy?

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